11th–17th Jan 2018
Sputnik Kino, Acudkino,
City Kino Wedding
HAU Hebbel am Ufer &
Kino Zukunft

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Film still: Strings

Sun . 18:00 / Sputnik Kino

Festival Screening

Drama / Comedy / Animation / Coming Of Age

Shelter (Drama), R.: Reggie Yates, 16:00 Min.
When Ash and Wendie (Jessica Hynes, "Son Of Rambow") seek shelter from a downpour beneath the awning of a local butcher, this chance meeting wont be the only time their paths collide.

Strings (Drama), R.: Richard Turley, 13:00 Min.
Convinced his dad’s actually a spy, Luke embarks on a journey that leads him to discover the awkward truth.

Take Your Partners (Drama/Coming Of Age/Comedy), R.: Siri Rodnes, 11:02 Min.
An 8 year-old tomboy challenges gender expectations and also learns that the adult world is not quite so black and white.

The Split (Drama/Experimental), R.: Ed Rigg, 14:47 Min.
A foul-weather encounter with an esteemed professor makes Mick wish to believe in fate ... or quantum mechanics.

Iktsuarpok (Experimental), R.: Rachael Olga Lloyd, 7:15 Min.
A Yeti crosses paths with a small bird. Has the lonely creature finally found the friend he’s been waiting for?

Next Time (Drama), R.: Amber Hsu, 10:05 Min.
A grandfather’s clumsy attempts to reconnect with his family.

Domestic Policy (Comedy/Drama), R.: Alicia MacDonald, 7:00 Min.
A satirical comedy which wryly suggests that today’s obsession with female appearance was borne out of one official government meeting in 1919. With Lesley Manville ("Mr. Turner"), Peter Wright ("Babel"), Karl Johnson ("Hot Fuzz") and Alex MacQueen ("Four Lions") amongst others.

The Fighting Irish (Drama), R.: Alex Shipman, 11:55 Min.
Aideen, a young teenager, takes on the brutal sport of boxing to prove to herself that she can be the next Fighting Irish.

Bali (Comedy), R.: Emilia Reid, 6:58 Min.
When Tess gets back from a yoga retreat in Bali, her best mate Bea barely recognises her.

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