17th–23rd Jan 2019
Sputnik Kino, Acudkino,
City Kino Wedding
HAU Hebbel am Ufer &
Kino Zukunft

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Film still: Fly

Fri 18.01. 20:00 / City Kino Wedding


Drama / Fantasy / Animation / Documentary / Experimental / Comedy

Corvidae (Drama/Fantasy), R.: Tom de Ville, 11:00 Min.
Very strange things happen when a young girl (Maisie Williams, "Game of Thrones") tries to protect a wounded crow.

Fish Boy (Animation), R.: Anita Bruvere, 8:42 Min.
A surrealist tale about the all-encompassing nature of living with guilt.

Time Away (Drama), R.: Maxine Peake, 13:37 Min.
A couple have a break at the seaside, only haunted by memories they are trying to escape.

Seed (Drama), R.: Josh Feder, 12:14 Min.
When a video of his arrest goes viral, a young Muslim is forced to choose between his family and a local self-styled preacher.

Fly (Documentary/Music/Experimental), R.: Nadira Amrani, 9:00 Min.
A modern re-telling of the story of Icarus, starring female MC Flohio.

Hip Hop Café (Comedy), R.: Robbie Samuels, 4:20 Min.
An ensemble slice of life story set in a diner, where rap lyrics become part of the drama.

Liv (Animation), R.: Sunniva Fluge Hole, 4:00 Min.
Instead of sitting around waiting for death, Liv takes matters into her own hands.

On The Surface (Drama), R.: Anna Blandford, 17:00 Min.
After a fatal incident, a mother and daughter are asked to account for their actions.

Virginia (Drama), R.: Francesco Puppini, 12:00 Min.
Virginia, a psychic, doesn't want her son to leave home because an old memory of a fire haunts her.

The Director (Comedy), R.: Kim Albright, 13:00 Min.
When Claire realises she lacks direction in her life, she hires a director to show her the way.