19th–25th January 2023
Sputnik Kino,
City Kino Wedding

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Film still: Fate

Sun . 23:59 / Sputnik Kino

Festival-Screening / Midnight Movies (only for 18s and older)

Horror / Mystery / Animation / SciFi / Black Comedy / Music Video

Wake (Horror), R.: Maria Martinez Bayona, 6:00 Min.
A grieving man gets more than he bargained for when he visits his former lover’s open coffin.

Don't Go Down To Wildor (Horror/Mystery), R.: Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, 2:41 Min.
When his brother goes missing, Chuck journeys to an old abandoned house.

Curtains (Spook Train #1) (Animation), R.: Lee Hardcastle, 7:36 Min.
Room One of the creepy claymation series Spook Train.

I Am The Doorway (SciFi/Horror), R.: Simon Pearce, 19:48 Min.
A former astronaut believes himself the doorway to a terrifying alien invasion.

Who's That At The Back Of The Bus? (Horror), R.: Philip Hardy, 5:00 Min.
An old lady is haunted by an unlikely apparition.

Catcalls (Horror), R.: Kate Dolan, 8:40 Min.
Two young girls are out for hunting tonight and they will stop at nothing ot get their kill.

Toxic Haircut (Horror), R.: Bryan M. Ferguson, 1:00 Min.
A 90 second horror odyssey about a haircut.

Right Place, Wrong Tim (Dark Comedy), R.: Eros Vlahos, 7:00 Min.
A 90s British sitcom descends into chaos. Starring Asa Butterfield ("Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children").

Deep Clean (Horror/Comedy), R.: Matt Harlock, 14:00 Min.
A troubled kid discovers that his new job is actually hiding an amazing secret. Starring Paul Kaye ("Game of Thrones").

Baghead (Mystery/Thriller), R.: Alberto Corredor, 15:36 Min.
Kevin is haunted by grief and has questions that only the recently deceased can answer.

Salt (Horror), R.: Rob Savage, 2:00 Min.
To fight against demons, all you need is salt. Starring Alice Lowe ("Sightseers").

All You Can Carry (Drama/Horror), R.: Andrew Rose, 11:03 Min.
12-year-old Anthony and his dad discover that they only have minutes to leave before their home is overrun.

The Blue Door (Mystery/Horror), R.: Paul Taylor, 9:14 Min.
The old woman a nurse cares for is not what she seems. Starring Gemma Whelan ("Game of Thrones").

Fate (Music Video/Horror), R.: Bryan M. Ferguson, 5:00 Min.
A woman developes an nocturnal blood lust. Music: Boy Harsher.

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