20th–26th January 2022
Sputnik Kino, Acudkino,
City Kino Wedding,
& Kino Zukunft

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Film still: Gothic Boy

Sun . 23:00 / Sputnik Kino

Festival Screening

Drama / Comedy / Animation / Experimental / Fantasy / Thriller

Constellations (Drama), R.: Anna Maguire, 18:00 Min.
As Sasha realises her sexual needs have grown beyond her relationship with her boyfriend, a chance encounter allows her to take control of her fantasies.

Miss (Drama), R.: Drew Pautz, 14:30 Min.
An English teacher is challenged by a student's short story depicting her violent death.

Guilt Trip (Comedy/Drama), R.: Ben Mallaby, 10:48 Min.
With his mother on her death bed, comedian Mike travels to see his old flame Jen to find out whether he's the father of her kid.

Sunscapades (Animation), R.: Ben Mitchell, 5:00 Min.
Lily, Milly and Billy are looking forward to a day at the beach!

Last Supper (Comedy), R.: Alicia MacDonald, 3:00 Min.
Peter and John pitch PR-ideas to Jesus at The Last Supper.

Gothic Boy (Experimental/Drama), R.: Martin Allison, 9:53 Min.
A female art graduate avoids adult life through procrastination, until a cosmic force intervenes.

Moose Limbs (Drama/Fantasy), R.: Philip Hardy, 14:00 Min.
Doctor Tom Beaumont is half-man, half-deer and it's his first day as the new GP in a rural English town with a penchant for hunting.

True North (Animation), R.: George Bowler, 8:00 Min.
On the long journey home, a fisherman comes upon the wreckage of a ship and rescues a small boy that he finds asleep in a barrel. As a mysterious storm descends he senses the arrival of a sinister presence.

Mindfuck (Thriller), R.: Pierre Scot, 6:00 Min.
A famous journalist must confront his biggest fear during a sexual encounter with a dominant man.

Oscar's Bell (Thriller), R.: Chris Cronin, 12:00 Min.
Duncan and his dog Oscar have gone on a camping trip. But there's something else out there ...

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