19th–25th January 2023
Sputnik Kino,
City Kino Wedding,
Acudkino & Kino Intimes

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Film still: The Forfeit (Dir: Phoebe Brooks, Josie Charles)

Fri 20.01. 21:00 / Acudkino

Short Film Screenings

Drama / Comedy / Science Fiction / Comedy / Music Video / Animation / Fantasy

Monico Perseus (Drama), R.: Alfie Stewart, 7:00 Min.
Ash escapes from a juvenile detention centre to rescue his older brother from their father.

The Forfeit (Drama/ Dark Comedy), R.: Josie Charles Phoebe Brooks, 14:00 Min.
On Christmas Eve, a young working-class Welsh woman meets her wealthy English boyfriend’s eccentric family for the first time. With Tim McMullan ("Shakespeare in Love").

The Virtual Llama (Science Fiction), R.: Tom Cozens, 10:00 Min.
A call with her newly virtual sister, Francis, convinces Emily that her sister no longer really exists. With Adwoa Akoto ("I May Destroy You").

Dead Cat Film (Comedy), R.: Josie Charles and Nathan Miller, 4:38 Min.
A young woman becomes increasingly attached to the taxidermied corpse of her housemate's cat.

Held (Drama), R.: Toby wharton, 12:00 Min.
Charles is attacked on his way home, but hides the serious injury he sustained.

A90 (Drama/ Romance), R.: Olivia J. Middleton, 17:29 Min.
Annette works in a road-side cafe where she meets Morgan. Immediately they are transfixed by one another.

Honey Sweet (Animation/ Music Video), R.: Inari Sirola, 3.27:00 Min.
Freaky little creatures bounce around the world and lick everything near them.

Legs (Drama/ Dark Comedy), R.: Celine Cotran, 16:00 Min.
Joy swallows a spider in her sleep and develops an insatiable appetite for flies. Laura Carmichael ("Downton Abbey").

Ray (Comedy), R.: Joe Lycett, 6:00 Min.
Ray discovers he has a totally useless superpower.

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