19th–25th January 2023
Sputnik Kino,
City Kino Wedding,
Acudkino & Kino Intimes

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Film still: Leavers (Dir: Lewis Khan)

Sat 21.01. 17:30 / Sputnik Kino

Short Film Screenings (Documentary)

Documentary / Animation / Experimental

Home (Documentary), R.: Christine Saab, 17:31 Min.
A filmmaker comes across her parents' old love letters, sent between Japan, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

Until The Tide Creeps In (Documentary), R.: Jessi Gutch, 17:52 Min.
Canvey Island suffered the worst natural disaster in modern British history – the Big Flood of 1953. A group of islanders fear a repeat disaster is inevitable.

Brixton Bustle (5 minutes) (Animation/ Experimental/ Documentary), R.: Shaun Clark, 4:50 Min.
A journey through the energy, rhythm and culture of life in Brixton.

Look For The Diamonds (Documentary), R.: James Slater, 12:00 Min.
Joel has four kidneys but none of them work. Despite this he’s not just surviving, he’s thriving.

Cinegraffic Score (Experimental), R.: iloobia, 5:00 Min.
Celluloid film is reconfigured into a graphic musical score.

Heart Valley (Documentary), R.: Christian Cargill, 19:15 Min.
A day in the life of Welsh shepherd Wilf Davies. He has never left his valley and yet, he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Leavers (Documentary/ Experimental), R.: Lewis Khan, 3:52 Min.
An intimate look on multiple generations and their last days of school, shot over three consecutive years at the prom night of a south London school.

A Taste For Music (Animation/ Documentary), R.: Jordan Antonowicz-Behnan, 5:06 Min.
A self-reflected documentary inspired by the memories and the record collection of the director's father.

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