19th–25th January 2023
Sputnik Kino,
City Kino Wedding,
Acudkino & Kino Intimes

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Film still: Hideous (Dir: Yann Gonzalez)

Fri 20.01. 21:30 / Sputnik Kino

Short Film Screenings

Comedy / Drama / Horror Musical / Animation

Tall Dark and Handsome (Comedy), R.: Sam Baron, 13:59 Min.
A British-Indian man discovers his white girlfriend has a dating history that is darker than he imagined. With Amit Shah ("Happy Valley").

Who I Am Now (Drama), R.: Jack Goessens, 12:00 Min.
A film about the families we were born into and the families we make out of our friends. With Talisa Garcia ("Baptiste").

This Little Girl (Drama), R.: Annette Westwood, 15:00 Min.
A mother with a substance misuse issue has to prove herself on her path to recovery.

Hideous (Horror Musical), R.: Yann Gonzalez, 22:00 Min.
Popstar Oliver Sim is the main guest of a talk-show that soon slides into a surreal journey of love, shame und blood. With Oliver Sim und Jamie XX (The XX), Fehinti Balogun ("Walden"), Kate Moran ("Vampires") and Jimmy Somerville.

Soggy Biscuit (Dark Comedy), R.: Emma Jesse, 10:06 Min.
A group of soldiers travelling through a war-torn British countryside plays a bizarre and unsettling game.

upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop (Animation), R.: Rachel Maclean, 12:07 Min.
"Mirror, mirror in my hand, who’s the cutest in the land?" ... "It’s Mi". But who's the mysterious presence competing for Mimi's coveted status?

Do Not Touch (Comedy), R.: Harrison Newman, James Newman, 7:41 Min.
An adulterer discovers that his one-night stand is now the subject of an art exhibition to which his girlfriend has tickets.

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