19th–25th January 2023
Sputnik Kino,
City Kino Wedding,
Acudkino & Kino Intimes

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"Dreaming the City" - Festival Workshop feat. 48 Hour Film Challenge

The workshop will be run by film teachers Dave Green and John Digance who have run successful academic and creative courses in the University and Community sectors in Britain, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Pakistan and China.

In their words: "This year’s workshop theme is Dreaming the City. Berlin is an exciting Cosmopolitan City where there can be pleasant daydreams or of course nightmares. Dreams of moving from place to place, inner space and outer space, public and private, aspiration, desire and dead ends or crossing physical and metaphorical borders. Use any style you wish, realist or fantasy, to explore the dreams the City can inspire. We will watch and discuss short films and extracts that are related to the workshop topic - and then, two days later, your short films."

All events, meetings and screenings as part of the workshop will be in English. Participants will have to provide their own equipment and editing facilities.

Workshop dates
Sat 21.1.2023, noon to 2pm at Sputnik Kino: Introduction and film screenings
Sat 21.1., 2pm to 5pm at Sputnik Kino: Talking about film ideas and forming groups (if you don't work alone).
Sat 21.1. - Mon 23.1.: Project work
Mon 21.1., 6pm at Sputnik Kino: Deliver your films
Mon 21.1., 7pm at Sputnik Kino: Public screening of the workshop films

The Workshop is for free!
To register and for more information write to mail(at)lichtspielklub(dot)de

A couple of workshop films produced within 48 hours at the last British Shorts festival editions:

John Digance ...
is a practice and theory film teacher in universities and the community in Britain and further afield. His interests are in International Cinema, the links between documentary and fiction, experimental work and breaking down the barriers between all art forms, especially the still and moving image. He has made several documentary and experimental films.

Dave Green ...
is the course leader of the MA Documentary at The University of Bedfordshire and a visiting tutor at universities in China, Pakistan and Sweden. His main interest is in all forms of storytelling and removing the false divisions between various disciplines. He has made a wide range of documentary films and is currently developing a practice based research project exploring, self inscription, psychogeography and the situationists.

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