16th–22nd Jan 2020
Sputnik Kino, Acudkino,
City Kino Wedding
HAU Hebbel am Ufer,
Kino Zukunft
& Silent Green

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Film still: Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt

Sat 18.01. 23:59 / Sputnik Kino

Festival Screening / Midnight Movies (only for 18s and older)

Thriller / Horror / Sci-Fi / Animation / Black Comedy / Experimental / Drama

Presented by Deadline – Das Filmmagazin

White Girl (Thriller), R.: Nadia Latif, 12:00 Min.
London by night: 15-year-old Beth is seemingly lost. A dangerous monster is out there.

Changeling (Horror), R.: Faye Jackson, 10:00 Min.
A new mother becomes increasingly mesmerised and appalled by the strange transformations happening around her baby.

Eject (Sci-Fi), R.: David Yorke, 9:00 Min.
After discovering a USB port in her wrist, Kate uncovers a world where she has the ability to change herself for the better.

The Nest (Horror), R.: Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, 5:16 Min.
Lilly spies on her brother and discovers that he is engaged in something much darker than infidelity.

Tomorrow I Will Be Dirt (Animation/Horror), R.: Robert Morgan, 8:00 Min.
An authorized, stop-motion sequel to Jörg Buttgereit's 1993 film Schramm.

Satanic Panic '87 (Horror/Comedy), R.: Bryan M. Ferguson, 4:00 Min.
Two metalheads are encouraged to open the gateway to hell by a satanic aerobics tape.

Asparagus Tips (Black Comedy), R.: Sam Bailey, 4:09 Min.
A dinner party kicks off with the last guest to arrive, the oddly named Asparagus Tips.

MJ (Thriller), R.: Jamie Delaney, 13:00 Min.
An unhinged young woman develops a violent addiction to social media.

Slug Life (Anmation), R.: Sophie Koko Gate, 6:36 Min.
A day in the life of Tanya, a curious woman who has developed a taste for non human lovers.

Sybil (Horror), R.: Joanne Mitchell, 12:00 Min.
The life of a Mortician can be a lonely one. But there are opportunities for love ... and revenge. After all, love is dead.

Cubicle (Horror), R.: Chloë Wicks, 4:00 Min.
A woman takes a pregnancy test in a public toilet cubicle. But she isn't alone.

Envy (Drama), R.: Sam Hoggarth, 6:00 Min.
An Argument between Emma and Jess takes a dark turn. Will their friendship survive?

The History of Nipples (Black Comedy), R.: Bailey Tom Bailey, 10:00 Min.
A man asks 'What are my nipples for?' and falls into a personal crisis with a drastic solution. Inspired by a Celtic fertility ritual.

Retch (Horror), R.: Keir Siewert, 4:00 Min.
A young woman's illness takes a disturbing turn.

Spook Train (Room 2): Cell – X (Animation/Horror), R.: Lee Hardcastle, 9:09 Min.
Creepy horror claymation series. These prisoners are going to find out if they can last 10 days in this prison horror nightmare.