19th–25th January 2023
Sputnik Kino,
City Kino Wedding,
Acudkino & Kino Intimes

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Film still: Miss Annity - Dumped (Dir: Lee Hardcastle)

Sat 21.01. 23:30 / Sputnik Kino

Midnight Movies (Horror & Co., 18+)

Horror / Musical / Fantasy / Animation / Folk Horror / Dark Comedy

Stuffed (Horror Musical), R.: Theo Rhys, 19:00 Min.
A musical film about a taxidermist who dreams of stuffing a human.

A Little Death (Dark Comedy), R.: Maria Pawlikowska, 10:00 Min.
Eternal life is getting harder for the undead Tina, who subsists on the transfer of energies of the male orgasm.

Blood Rites (Horror), R.: Helena Coan, 19 MIN:00 Min.
Three teenage girls with a monstrous hunger begin to unravel in the English Fens.

Hotel Kalura (Animation), R.: sophie koko gate, 5:00 Min.
A woman walks into a hotel bar on the romantic island of Sicily, waiting to get lit.

O, Glory! (Folk Horror/ Mystery/ Thriller), R.: Joe Williams and Charlie Edwards-Moss, 16:00 Min.
A psychiatric doctor and his assistant are called to an isolated country house to examine Deborah, whose brother believes she is losing her mind. With Sam Spruell ("Legend").

Yummy Mummy (Horror), R.: Gabriela Staniszewska, 14:30 Min.
Lilith senses her identity is being smothered by her burgeoning motherhood and starts to fall apart – literally.

The Wilds (Horror/ Dark Comedy), R.: Greig Johnson, 15:00 Min.
Anna Wild returns to the family home, all because of a full moon and her skills with a welding torch.

Sin Eater (Folk Horror/ Drama/ Thriller), R.: Oliver Gabe, 6:20 Min.
An unhinged, Welsh preacher conducts a sin-eating service for the deceased son of a local, wealthy family. With Steffan Rhodri ("House of the Dragon") and Darren Evans ("A Street Cat Named Bob").

Earworm (Horror/ Dark Comedy), R.: Bryan M. Ferguson, 1:40 Min.
A rip-roaring film about two knuckleheads facing off against a gnarly cassette tape dwelling worm.

Hack (Dark Comedy), R.: Ben Mallaby, 4:00 Min.
Witness the ultimate life hack.

Miss Annity – Dumped (Animation/ Horror), R.: Lee Hardcastle, :54 Min.
A man's relationship has come to an end. Maybe this will also be his end.

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