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"Celebrating the City" – Festival Workshop feat. 48 Hour Film Challenge

Der Workshop wird vom Filmdozenten John Digance (London) geleitet, der erfolgreich akademische und kreative Kurse an Universitäten und anderen Filmschulen in Großbritannien, Schweden, Spanien, Russland und China geleitet hat.

John Digance: "This year's workshop will centre on Celebrating the City. City life can be hard but we need to be reminded of the positive things it can offer as an antidote to the recent social effects of Covid and negative Nationalism and division. Let's celebrate in sound and image the energy, creativity and cosmopolitan potential of cities which bring people together and break down barriers. We will watch and discuss short Films and extracts that are related to the workshop topic - and the films you make make in two days. Sponteneity, creativity and collaboration."

Der Workshop wird komplett in englischer Sprache stattfinden. Eigenes technisches Equipment (Kamera und Schnitt) wird vorausgesetzt. Wir sind stärker an Ideen als an Technik interessiert, einfache Ausrüstung reicht.

Sa 7.8., 11 Uhr bis 16 Uhr, Sputnik Kino: Einführung, Lectures und Screenings zum Thema
Sa 7.8. bis Mo 9.8.: Arbeit an den 48-Stunden-Filmen
Mo 9.8., 20 Uhr, Sputnik Kino: Präsentation der 48-Stundenfilme (Eintritt frei)

Anmeldungen und weitere Infos unter mail(at)lichtspielklub(punkt)de

Der Workshop ist kostenlos.

Hier innerhalb von 48 Stunden produzierte Filme aus "British Shorts"-Workshops der letzten Festivalausgaben:

John Digance ...
is a practice and theory film teacher in universities and the community in Britain and further afield. His interests are in International Cinema, the links between documentary and fiction, experimental work and breaking down the barriers between all art forms, especially the still and moving image. He has made several documentary and experimental films.

Dave Green ...
is the course leader of the MA Documentary at The University of Bedfordshire and a visiting tutor at universities in China, Pakistan and Sweden. His main interest is in all forms of storytelling and removing the false divisions between various disciplines. He has made a wide range of documentary films and is currently developing a practice based research project exploring, self inscription, psychogeography and the situationists.

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